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Management coaching: This is man-to-man coverage for executives…and those who want to become executives. And coaching shows results, it is a powerful impulse to turn one's potential into real strength!

First of all, we analyze the reasons for the coaching as well as the goals so that I can tailor the methods and proceedings. As diverse as the management's everyday life really is as varied can the possible tasks be: the handling of critical leadership situations, the successful dealing with conflicts in an area of responsibility, the efficient implementation of goal and perspective talks or the removal of employees' performance deficiencies are normal examples for development fields on which I can work very well with the help of my coaching.

For this, it is often necessary to put the executive's performance profile to the test, for the nuanced perception of one's own possibilities and limits is usually not trained. Coaching goes far beyond an improvement of the work organization and of the time management – it addresses the executive's principles, inclinations and habits, which are exactly the factors for success or failure at work.

Apart from these “personal basic features”, the coaching also focuses on the demands of the boss's position itself: defining the boss's role often requires concrete assistance in order to bring clarity to the “felt and real” range of responsibilities, the room for maneuver and the scope of the responsibility assigned.

There are 2 special forms of coaching I apply particularly often:

During a business coaching, a plan of action is developed and implemented, which, comparable to the former German chancellor Schröder's “Agenda 2010”, comprises the medium-term “program” of the respective executive – so to speak an individual strategy how one's own business is to be concentrated and persistently developed.

And as one's own plans almost always have to be based on the committed and competent work of colleagues, a special coach-the-coach method developed by me often supports the successful implementation in everyday life.

By the way: My coaching programs are hardly ever a “secret” – during 98 % of the projects, employer, coachee and coach discuss the goals and effects of the measure in a trustful three-person conversation.

Business analysis

From time to time, everybody has to do it: checking the business success brings clarity to the company's situation. And this does not merely mean the microeconomic point of view, but also the robust examination whether the company or the department proves to be up to the market challenges, its own strategies and given competences. Thus, we examine nothing less than the sustainability of the existing business!

A worthwhile beginning is often the analysis of a business idea, how it is constructed and organized and why it actually works….or maybe does not. As far as method is concerned, a series of detailed analyses is conducted, which examine all individual components of a thought-out “mechanic of earning money”. Of course, it is always of particular interest for me whether a strategy was developed out of the business model – and, above all, whether the strategy is known, understood, shared, implemented through measures…?

During the “inspection” of the general organizational conditions, we will go into the details: I examine whether the work processes save resources, whether they are quick and avoid flaws; I survey and assess the usage of tools, check whether the processes are fit for the market. And I compare this with the current organizational structure by using a differentiated analysis pattern and find out whether the division of labour, the descriptions of functions and the management organization facilitate or constrain the necessary customer orientation and the cost-effectiveness.

However, the structural organization is only half of the business reality. People in a company have their very own perceptions of how to do their jobs. With special expertise, I therefore apply varied methods of personnel evaluation which show whether the expectations of the entrepreneur and of the employees are sufficiently congruent – with regard to the necessary performance, the willingness to perform and the way how the work should be done.

Finally, I have a special analytical approach in my repertoire: the “cultural anamnesis”. The procedure includes a multitude of practicable models from psychology and sociology, which perfectly characterize the individual personality of the organization and show in an understandable way how the grown corporate culture will support or torpedo more market success.

The extent and method of every business analysis is always tailored to the individual initial position and, above all, the budget and ends of course with a practical outlook on the necessary steps towards change.

Management of change

At the beginning of every change, there is an idea. It has to be brilliant and comprehensible so that it is noticed and accepted on the market. And of course, one's colleagues have to back and support this idea. This is why I work out an obliging concept with you initially – areas of change, our goals, the adequate measures, our joint plan of action…

We combine our strengths consisting of professional experience, organizational and methodical competence and develop exactly the approach you require for even more market success. For example:

a comprehensive business area strategy, a superior product concept, the dramaturgy of a market offensive, economically organized working processes, a contemporary leadership concept, a program for the competence development of young executives, a company-specific balanced scorecard or another measurement system, the implementation of a project management, a market-oriented company organigram…

As soon as the eye-catching and effective concept has been developed, the implementation starts. Here, the principle applies: You'll never walk alone!

I am your implementation escort. That means: On site and on all tiers, I work with your executives and employees. In this way, I assume responsibility for the success of the implementation of the concept. I support, I supervise, I instruct. I involve all persons into the implementation whom we think to be motivated, who are willing to muck in, who are looking for opportunities (instead of those avoiding risks).

Our task sharing works best as follows: you navigate ship and I am your pilot. Together, we secure the main effects of the planned changes, we do not get lost in a secondary theatre of war and install a resource-friendly process controlling. We puzzle out how to implement our ideas permanently in the company after the “moose test”. And out of the implementational practice, we will develop a feeling how quickly the organization can actually be changed. At the end, a good idea will have become a successful action.

Then the pilot leaves the ship.
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